Synthetic Oils

What is Synthetic oil?
Synthetic oils are synthesized from non petroleum crude source; these are artificially manufactured from different crude stocks than petroleum.  Synthetic oil is used to manufacturer specialty lubricants which are used for critical lubrication conditions, extended lubrication intervals.

Benefits of ECOWAY Synthetic oils?                       
Synthetic oil   provides superior mechanical and chemical properties over traditional mineral base lubricants. Synthetic oil have high viscosity index so performed exceptionally well in extreme thermal cycles. Synthetic oil offer improved hydrolytic stability in critical lubrication applications. Synthetic oil provides superior oxidative stability over wide temperature range. Synthetic oil delivers improved water moisture, water tolerance & excellent protection against corrosion. Synthetic oil provides natural detergency in reciprocating or rotary lubrication. Synthetic oil does not form deposits of varnishes or polymers. Performance of synthetic oil in humid environment is excellent. Synthetic oil provides wear protection under serve atmospheric conditions for longer periods. Synthetic oil has very low wax content hence posses’ high pour points.  Synthetic oil has higher flash points than petroleum base oils. Synthetic oil has very low evaporation loss at high temperatures. Synthetic oil have lower tendency to form deposits, residues & sludge. Synthetic oil offers improved viscosity temperature performance, Synthetic oil reduces wear & tear of parts.  Synthetic oil reduces total drag of the system, synthetic oil improves throughput of the system, and synthetic oil saves power. Synthetic oil offers high oil drain intervals. Synthetic oil has excellent chemical stability so found useful in lubrication in chemical environments. Hence synthetic oil has higher resistance to rust & corrosion.  Synthetic oil also exhibit superior demulsibility.

Application of synthetic oil
Synthetic oils can substitute most of the mineral base oil application, however high costs they are preferred for lubrication of critical applications.

Synthetic oil for gear box lubrication, synthetic oil for compressor lubrications, synthetic oil for high temperature lubrication