Cleaners and Degreasers


We manufacturer ECOWAYS Industrial, Intuitional Cleaners and Degreasers under which are to be used in industrial process, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. These products are formulated considering the requirements of applications, safety of work force, environmental regulations ease of use and economy of application.

Industrial Cleaning
ECS has developed more than50 products for Industrial Cleaning. We offer eco friendly, biodegradable & safe to use industrial cleaners for various applications.
Due to the technology advances, development of new designs of plant & equipments and regulations for using environment friendly chemicals industrial cleaning is quite complex & critical process.
ECOWAYS has developed number of Industrial Cleaners which offer fast results at very economical cost & most importantly they are environment friendly, user friendly. ECOWAYS Industrial cleaning start from simple cleaning to critical cleaning of parts, equipments, accessories etc.

Our Industrial Cleaners found applications in following industries

  • Industrial Cleaners for Electronic Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Automotive Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Chemical Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Engineering Industry
    Industrial Cleaners for Bulk Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Shipping & Marine Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Transportation Industry
  • Industrial Cleaners for Part, Component manufacturers
  • Industrial Cleaners as per customer’s specific requiremen

ECOWAY Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers