Synthetic Coolant


These are advance eco friendly products which offers excellent performance for most critical applications of metal working .

Key Benefits of our synthetic coolant

Advance oil free Technology

Does not contain mineral or petroleum oils so dilutions of these products offers long term stable performance.  As there is no oil in the product there is no milky formation occurs even after sump were used for months as it is.

No Bad odors, No itching

Soluble oils, cutting oils generate bad odors and cause itching to operators skin because they have contains of sulfur and chlorides.  Our Synthetic coolants are free from sulfur   and chlorine so does not generate bad odors when mixed with water

Excellent Cooling

Our synthetic coolants contain specialty additives and wetting which offers excellent cooling at interface resulting in excellent performance and high operational speeds. As synthetic coolants offers excellent cooling it improves life of cutting tool

Excellent Microbial Control

Our Synthetic Coolants provide excellent microbial control and resistance to rancidity. As our synthetic coolants posses excellent microbial control they offers longer sump life and most importantly do not generate bad odors

Extended Tool Life

ECOWAY Synthetic coolants offer excellent cooling and lubrication in machining and grinding operations which results into additional life of cutting tools
Excellent surface Finish

Our synthetic coolant are formulated with extreme pressure additives which reduces friction and allow excellent surface finish

No Air Pollution

Our synthetic coolants are totally free from oil so there is no mist formation, no bad odors and most importantly disposal are very easy as synthetic coolants are oil free.

Cost Cutting

Our synthetic coolants are formulated in high in concentrations so they can be used at very low concentrations which results in lower topping and operational cost
Due to all above features ECOWAY Synthetic coolants offer operational economy, reduction in overall cost, minimizing environmental impacts & ensuring maximum operation safety.

We have extensive portfolio of Synthetic coolants which satisfied need of every application from simple to complicated, mass to specialty, eco friendly to biodegradable.
Apart from existing range ECOWAY Industries have core competency of designing tailor made synthetic coolants as per customer’s exact requirements depend upon criticality, economy of end application.

In addition to typical ferrous and aluminum substrates, our metal processing solutions are suitable for use on brass, copper and other exotic metals, and will work in light to heavy applications.

ECOWAY offers  specialty Synthetic coolants which give you choice to establish total eco friendly manufacturing facility & that is also at very optimal cost.
ECOWAY line of versatile synthetic coolants ensure that you are able to meet your specifications in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, without compromising employee health safety. Our Synthetic coolants offer superior lubrication, cooling, cleanliness and, when needed, corrosion prevention.
ECOWAY Industries have a product for your every need that will improve your process, productivity, economy, & HSE

ECOWAY Industries offers Synthetic coolants for

  • Synthetic coolants for automotive components & parts manufacturers
  • Synthetic coolants for aerospace
  • Synthetic coolants for engineering Industries
  • Synthetic coolants for metal processing industries
  • Synthetic coolants for tools & component manufacturers
  • Synthetic coolants for machinery manufacturing

ECOWAYS Industries offering to our customers

  • Technical advice in selection of correct product from available range
  • Cost reduction by optimizing uses & methods
  • Technical solutions in critical areas of metal cutting operations
  • Developing the products as per end users requirement & application
  • Field trials & performance reports
  • Improving health safety & environment