New Products Development


Inventing and producing new chemicals, products and materials is an art. To give them the added value they deserve, they need to be appropriately formulated for the final application. This requires a multidisciplinary approach. By a unique combination of organic chemistry, analytical tools, colloidal chemistry, mathematical models and molecular modeling we believe to be your partner of choice in solving the final hurdle to commercialize your products.

If you have application, we know how to design the product for it. We will bring your product at a higher level on the value chain.

  • Development of innovative products while adapting to new technology trends in chemistry
  • Introduction of new products within shorter time frames
  • Need for rapid evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Optimization of product performance and reduced product development costs

    What Value we add to your Business?
  • Improved innovation and product management
  • Reduced product development cycle time and cost
  • Increased profitability and market share
  • Enhanced product performance and functionalities
  • Quicker response to market change

What Nimble Provides

  • Conceptualization : Product ideation, converting marketing requirements into product concepts, product styling or applying packaging criteria
  • Basic Design : Feasibility studies to optimize and validate designs, value engineering and virtual simulation
  • Detailed Design : Expertise across mechanical, electrical and electronic domains is leveraged upon for modeling, simulation and actual implementation for the components, subsystems or complete products
Product Chemistry :

Nimble Chemicals Solutions chemistry solutions help end user assess and improve equipment, plant performance, using our advance Eco friendly, User friendly formulations. This is done at different levels of fidelity, from chemistry-based formulations at component level to more abstract models at system level. These solutions help customers move from physical to virtual prototyping. We can also formulate, analyze and interpret the outcome of the simulation tests.

Product Manufacturing:
Nimble Product Manufacturing solutions help customers in ensuring the manufacture of components and prototypes according to the required specifications using advance green chemistry .

Nimble NPD services span the following areas :

Our Specialization & core competency

  • Industrial Aerosols
  • Industrial Cleaning Products
  • Institutional Cleaners
  • Domestic Cleaners
  • Industrial Maintenance Products