What is degreasing?
Degreasing process is adopted in much industry hence its meaning varies with respect to the application.
In Engineering applications it is removal of oil , grease, soils, forbidden contamination is called degreasing.

Need of Degreasing

  • Production Process
    Effective metal cleaning/degreasing is vital to all industries where the production process includes fabricating and/or assembling metal parts—mainly the automotive, engineering aviation, appliance
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
    While in overhauling it is necessary to remove the oxides oils, deposits.

Degreasing Types, Degreasing methods, Degreasing Products
There are several types of parts degreasers based on the applications, nature of contamination, amount of deposits , soils to be removed, process feasibility , time required, amount of cleanness , MOC of the substrate and equipments. Each process, product & manufacturers offering its own unique advantage and benefit while accomplishing a common task of removing grease from metal parts.

Traditionally most preferred products for degreasing are solvents, chlorinated & petroleum solvents. Degreasing efficiency of the product is satisfactory but they are extremely hazardous to the environment. Even chlorinated solvents which are used for degreasing are cacogenic in nature hence very harmful to the user. Some of traditional degreasing plants are based with chlorinated solvents wit heating arrangements. There are few alternatives for degreasing which are eco friendly but harmful to the user’s health. Industry is looking for degreasing products which are effective for heavy duty degreasing but safe to environment & user.

  • Plane solvent degreasing
  • Solvent degreasing with heating
  • Water base chemicals degreasing

Characteristic of Excellent, Eco-friendly Degreasing Chemicals

  • Environment Friendly:
    Degreasing chemicals must not have harmful effects on the environment. Chlorinated solvents are hazardous to the environment as they cause ozone layer depletion. Biodegradability of the product is another issue associated with some of the degreasing agents.
  • User Friendly
    The degreasing chemicals must not content any cacogenic compounds, chemicals
    Degreasing compounds must not be harmful to user’s health
    Degreasing must not cause skin irritation
    Degreasing compounds must have low TLV
  • High solvency of Degreasing of Degreasing Chemicals
    Degreasing chemicals must have high solvency so that degreasing chemicals easily dissolve the contamination matter, deposits.
  • Flammability of Degreasing Chemicals
    With respect to plant & workforce safety degreasing chemicals must not posses fire hazardous?
    Non flammable degreasing chemicals are ensure much more plant safety .The degreasing product which are based on the petroleum solvents has lower flash point
  • VOC in degreasing products
    All though all VOC products are not harmful to the environment but VOC compounds are harmful to the users. However there are number are other disadvantages are associated with use of high degreasing products which contents VOC. They reduce product pot life, after loss of VOC entire solution looses its consistency. Degreasing efficiency of the entire batch reduces
  • Energy Utilization for degreasing process
    Degreasing chemicals must perform well with out heating
  • Non Reactive chemical nature of degreasing chemicals
    Degreasing must not react chemically reacts with process equipments, parts
  • Degreasing Efficiency
    Must have high degreasing power for efficient degreasing of parts, components
  • Batch time of Degreasing products
    Although degreasing batch time vary from application to application total time required must be reduced
  • Batch/ pot Life of degreasing products
    Many degreasing chemicals are safe to environment as well as user but have very low pot life they easily get contaminated with organic matter and loose its cleaning efficiency
  • Compatibility of degreasing products
    Degreasing products must be compatible with oils, soils, metals, rubber, plastic
  • Biodegradability
    Easily Biodegradable degreasing product not going to damage environment and it will lower your effluent disposal costs

ECOWAY Degreasing Solutions
With width of experience & depth of knowledge we offer degreasing solutions for various applications. ECOWAY degreasing chemical solutions are based on the advance green chemistry. While designing degreasing solutions we also consider economy of the application, easy use & safety of labors. Our degreasing products are multi-application products which lower the levels of inventory.

We had design degreasing products based on the applications, amount of cleanness, and type of soils, deposits to be removed, workshop facility, and process feasibility. Selecting a degreasing product is mainly depending upon the MOC of substrate. ECOWAY degreasing products are non corrosive in nature & offer excellent results. ECOWAY offers degreasing solutions which can be used directly or with help of degreasing equipments, degreasing plant & degreasing process.

Key Features of ECOWAY Degreasing

  • Single step degreasing
  • Odorless & fumeless degreasing
  • Eco –friendly degreasing
  • Process feasible degreasing
  • User friendly degreasing

Degreasing Various Applications

  • Removal of organic soils
  • Degreasing for oil & grease removal
  • Degreasing for sludge, deposits removals
  • Removal of carbon & semisolid deposits

Application area of Degreasing

  • Degreasing solutions for Engineering Industry
  • Degreasing solutions for automobile parts, components manufacturers
  • Degreasing solutions for assembly lines, OEM
  • Degreasing solutions for service provides
  • Degreasing solutions for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

ECOWAY Degreasing Products
ECOWAY Eco –Friendly Degreaser
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