Synthetic Gear Oil


Product Code of ECODEALS Synthetic Gear Oil: ECOWAY #SO551
Introduction ECOWAY  Synthetic Gear oil:
ECOWAY had designed heavy duty synthetic gear oil which has excellent oxidation & thermal resistance. Formulated with high viscosity index synthetic base oils to offer excellent performance at very low to very high temperatures.

Key Benefits of   Synthetic Gear Oil

  • ECOWAY Synthetic Gear Oil has high viscosity Index
  • Synthetic Gear Oil has Excellent Oxidation Resistance
  • Extended Re-lubrication intervals
  • Synthetic Gear Oil Offers Excellent anti wear & anti ageing properties
  • No sludge or deposit formation
  • Synthetic Gear Oil has less flammability

Viscosity Grades of Synthetic Gear Oil: Available in most of viscosity grades

Commercial Packs of Synthetic Gear Oil: 20, 210 Liters
Product Code of Synthetic Gear oil: ECOWAY #SO551