High Temprature Oil


High Temperature Oil Product Code: ECOWAY #SO550
Introduction ECOWAY High Temperature Oil
ECOWAY High temperature oil is specially designed to offer excellent performance in high temperature lubrication. ECOWAY High temperature oil is specially formulated with synthetic base oils & proprietary heat stable additives to provide long term lubrication at very high temperatures. ECOWAY High temperature oil has excellent resistance to thermal degradation, oxidation resistance. ECOWAY High temperature oil has long term thermal stability over wide temperature range of   -10 to 300 0C.   Our high temperature oil is free from volatile fractions & posses high flash points. ECOWAY S high temperature oil does not form deposits, sludge’s.  ECOWAY high temperature oil offers much better performance than ordinary mineral base high temperature oil. ECOWAY high temperature oil offers excellent re lubrication intervals.
Key Features of High Temperature Oil                                                           

  • High Temperature oil has excellent Thermal Resistance
  • ECOWAY High temperature Oil does not form sludge  
  • High Flash Points
  • ECOWAY High Temperature Oil has excellent  hydrolytic stability
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation
  • Low evaporation loss
  • ECOWAY high temperature oil has excellent chemical, thermal stability
  • Compatibility with all types of seals
  • ECOWAY High Temperature oil offers extended re-lubrication intervals

Application of High Temperature Oil
Chain Lubricants,
Conveyor chain running continuously at high temperature 

Commercial Packs of High Temperature oil: 20 Liters
Product Code of High Temperature oil: ECOWAY #SO550