Refrigeration Oils


Product Code Synthetic Refrigeration oil: ECOWAY #SO555

Description of Refrigeration oil
ECOWAY has designed specialty synthetic refrigeration oil for critical low temperature applications. ECOWAY refrigeration oil is compatible with most refrigerants. Our Refrigeration oil is specially formulated with High Viscosity Index base oil to offer excellent low temperature lubrication.  ECOWAY refrigeration oil is suitable for both screw & reciprocating compressors.
Benefits of ECOWAY Refrigeration oil

  • ECOWAY Refrigeration oil has High Viscosity Index
  • ECOWAY   Refrigeration Oil has extremely low wax contents,
  • ECOWAY Refrigeration Oil ensures  no deposit, No sludge or varnish formation at very low temperatures
  • ECOWAY Refrigeration oil has excellent Compatibility with most refrigerants
  • Excellent thermal as well as oxidation resistance
  • ECOWAY refrigeration oil  will not go  chemical transformation with refrigerants

Application & Use of Synthetic Refrigeration oil 

All types of screw & reciprocating compressor
Cascading refrigeration


Packing of ECOWAY Refrigeration oil: 210 Liters