Degreasing Concentrate


Advance degreasing concentrate for heavy duty engineering applications. Effectively removes oil, grease, soils & sludge from components. ECOWAY degreasing fluid is extremely suitable for dip tank applications for degreasing of engines, components, parts, turbines, gears, parts. ECOWAY Degreasing fluid   is ideal replacement for toxic solvents, mineral spirits & heavy alkalis.  ECOWAY degreasing concentrate is very effective at room temperatures & offers excellent results without heating.
Key Benefits of ECOWAY Degreasing Concentrate

  • ECOWAY degreasing product is eco friendly & non cacogenic. Our
  • Degreasing product is free from mineral spirits, chlorinated solvents, kerosene.
  • ECOWAY degreasing concentrate is extremely suitable dip tank degreasing. ECOWAY degreasing product is non flammable & non hazardous. 
  • ECOWAY degreasing compound it does not generate foam.
  • ECOWAY degreasing concentrate is non harmful to skin.
  • ECOWAY degreasing concentrate is free from acids, heavy alkalis
  • ECOWAY degreaser removers oil, grease ,sludge & soils  

Application & Use of Degreasing Concentrate

  • In overhauling of heavy automotive engines, marine engines
  • Degreasing of parts, components, spares
  • Degreasing Agent for Dip Tank Process
  • Degreasing of automobile, engineering components, spares

Packing of Degreasing Concentrate: 30 Liters, 210 Liters