Eco Friendly Degreaser


Eco Friendly Degreaser- Product Code: ECOWAY #D222
Our Eco friendly degreaser is based on advance Green Chemistry. ECODEASLS degreaser is a heavy duty eco friendly degreasing concentrate. . ECOWAY degreaser is ideal &economical substitute for TCE, CTC & other solvents. Our degreaser is totally free from toxic solvents & hazardous chemicals. Chemical potency of our degreaser is extremely effective in removal of heavy accumulations of grease, oils, sludge & many soils. Supplied in concentrated form which offer benefits of low transportation cost, convince and handling. Eco friendly degreaser is completely and easily soluble in water & dilution is possible on site. ECOWAY degreaser replaces all traditional solvents, alkaline cleaners. Our Degreaser is 100 % non volatile &non flammable .ECOWAY degreaser is high in concentration. Dilution of eco friendly degreaser is varying from the application to application, nature of contamination. ECOWAY degreaser is extremely suitable for workshops needs of oil & grease removal. Eco friendly degreasers are used by many of our customers for dip bath cleaning. Eco friendly degreaser is also effectively used in part cleaning application. Eco friendly degreaser is totally safe on skin for longer use. ECOWAY degreaser is designed to preserve efficacy of clearing function while reducing toxicity. Eco Friendly Degreaser is designed so that at the end of the function it does not persist in the environment and break down into innocuous degradation products. ECOWAY degreaser is safe to handle transport & ship as they are non flammable in nature.

Benefits of ECOWAY Degreaser

  • ECOWAY degreaser has excellent solvency
  • ECOWAY degreaser is eco friendly
  • ECOWAY degreaser is non cacogenic
  • ECOWAY degreaser is non flammable
  • ECOWAY degreaser is non harmful to skin
  • ECOWAY degreaser doesn’t generate odor while in process
  • ECOWAY degreaser is user friendly

Application & Use of Eco Friendly Degreaser

  • Oil & Grease Removal
  • In the process of surface preparation
  • Parts Cleaning

Eco Friendly Degreaser methods of use

  • Spraying, Wiping, Dipping
  • Packing of Eco Friendly Degreaser: 20 Liters