Ultrasonic Cleaning


Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaning Medium, Ultrasonic Cleaning
ECOWAY Ultrasonic Cleaner - Product Code: UC#3, UC-33, UC-34, UC-35
ECOWAY Ultrasonic Cleaners are Eco friendly & used as medium of Ultrasonic bath or used directly without Ultrasonic Equipments. ECOWAY can design cleaning medium as per customer specific requirements .Ultrasonic Cleaner is available in 4 different types depending upon the nature of contamination, batch time, MOC. ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaners are very effective for specialty applications where medium plays critical role in performance & time. ECOWAY Ultrasonic Cleaners are user friendly & environment friendly. Ultrasonic Cleaning is effective for precision, precise components. Selection of ultrasonic cleaning medium is quite critical , user must choose appropriate medium for better results. ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaner increases the efficiency of entire process of ultrasonic cleaning.

Application & Use of Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning Medium for watch cases, imitation jewelers, diamonds and other precious articles
Ultrasonic Cleaning Medium electronic components, assemblies, PCB, Electronics,
Ultrasonic Cleaning Medium for decontamination of radioactive components machinery parts, handling equipments and parts,
Ultrasonic Cleaning for ball point pen tip cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning for Utensils, hardware & brassware industry
Ultrasonic Cleaning for automobile industries

Key Features of ECOWAY Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaner is free from carcinogenic compounds
  • ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaner non harmful to metals
  • ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaner non Corrosive
  • ECOWAY ultrasonic cleaner free from direct acids & alkalis

Packing of Ultrasonic Cleaner: 20 Liter, 50 Liter