Rust Remover


Introduction of ECOWAY Rust Remover
Our ECOWAY Rust Remover is a specially designed heavy duty formulation to remove maximum amount of rust & corrosion deposits with minimum effort. ECOWAY rust remover is substitute for surface preparation methods SSPC1, SSPC2Our Rust Remover is a liquid wash off type remover that dissolves oxides, destructive rust & leave the surface clean. Easy applicable by brushing, spraying or by dipping. ECOWAY Rust Remover is Ideal surface conditioner prior to application of antirust, paint, epoxy or adhesive. Due to high chemical activity of our rust remover easily removes rust & due to its cleaning power it wash off removed rust, soil or forbidden deposits. ECOWAY rust remover is powerful alternative to mechanical means of cleaning. ECOWAY rust remover in single use replaces scraping, wire brushing. Rust remover makes the surface ideal for further process. Rust remover is a non hazardous, non flammable product. Use of rust remover saves money, time & labor. Rust remover has excellent wetting property. Rust Remover has excellent cleaning properties hence along with rust it removes organic deposits, soils. Rust Remover has excellent solubility in water. Rust remover has excellent wetting power. After treatment of rust remover it is easily washed out by plane water. ECOWAY Rust remover is a non staining type.

Application & Use of Rust Remover

  • Rust removal from metals
  • Rust removal of fabricated steel
  • Rust Removal prior to painting
  • Rust Removal prior to application of epoxy, PU & coating

Key Features of ECOWAY RUST Remover

  • ECOWAY rust remover is fast acting single stage product
  • ECOWAY rust remover removers rust, corrosion deposits, oxides
  • ECOWAY rust remover is ideal replacement for mechanical scrapping , wire brushing
  • ECOWAY rust remover saves time , money & labor

Product Code: ECOWAY # D 230

Commercial Packing of Rust Remover: 30 Kg, 50 Kg