Moly Grease


Introduction ECOWAY Moly Grease (Mos2):
ECOWAY Moly Grease is non soap base grease specially designed to offer excellent performance in high temperature and long term lubrication. ECOWAY Moly Grease is specially formulated with synthetic base oils & pure micro fine molybdenum di sulfide (Mos2).ECOWAY  Moly Grease has excellent resistance to thermal degradation, oxidation resistance. Moly Grease has long term thermal stability over wide temperature range of   -18 to 450 0C.  Specially formulated with synthetic base oils & proprietary heat stable additives to provide long term lubrication at very high temperatures.  ECOWAY Moly Grease is pure synthetic grease blended with high viscosity index synthetic oils. Moly Grease offer extended Re-lubrication intervals. ECOWAY Moly Grease offer much better performance than ordinary mineral base high temperature grease. Our Moly Grease is non soap base grease hence there is no oil separation. Moly Grease offers extended re-lubrication intervals.  

Application of Moly Grease

  • Rollers in conveyor ovens,
  • Furnace & Boilers, Foundry use , Hot gas aggregates Tunnel ovens 
  • Steel Industry: Blowers, Continuous Casters, Couplings, Running Rollers

Advantages of Moly Grease

  • Moly Grease offers excellent lubrication at critical conditions.
  • Moly Grease offers   long term lubrication.
  • Moly Grease improves life of bearings.

Technical Data of Moly Grease

  • Moly Grease (Mos2) Available Grades: NLGI 2, 3
  • Product Code of ECOWAY Moly Grease: ECOWAY #S444
  • Packing of Moly Grease: 5 Kg, 20 Kg, 180 Kg