Carbon Remover


Heavy duty fast acting formulation to remove carbon deposits, unburned carbon from the components. Due to its chemical activity and potential to leach easily works to remove the carbon from the components. ECOWAY carbon Remover removes most of the carbon deposits irrespective of the physical form. ECOWAY carbon remover has excellent penetrating power which makes it to disintegrate carbon deposits. High wetting power of our carbon remover ensures quick & easy carbon removal. Our carbon removal can be used by dipping method, parts to be immersed in carbon remover solution. Our Carbon remover works at room temperature so no heating is required. Carbon remover is free from acids, alkalis & any other hazardous solvents. ECOWAY carbon remover is non corrosive in nature.

Application & Use of Carbon Remover

  • Carbon Removal from fuel injectors
  • Carbon Removal from burners
  • Carbon Removal from pistons
  • Carbon removal from automobile engine components
  • Carbon Removal from valves

Key Features of Carbon Remover

  • ECOWAY Carbon Remover is free from hazardous chemicals
  • ECOWAY Carbon Remover has excellent penetration power
  • ECOWAY carbon remover is not harmful to metals
  • ECOWAY Carbon Remover removes carbon, oil & sludge deposits
  • ECOWAY carbon remover works at room temperature no heating required

Carbon Remover Product Code: ECOWAY #D228

Commercial Packing of Carbon Remover: 20 Liters, 50 Liters