Thermal Grease


Product Code Thermal Grease: ECOWAY #S880

Description of Thermal Grease
ECOWAY had designed heavy duty multi application thermal Grease. ECOWAY Thermal Grease is specially blended with high viscosity index oils & proprietary additives in micron size additive powder which fills the microscopic gaps. ECOWAY Thermal Grease has excellent thermal resistance & there is no separation between base & additives.  ECOWAY thermal grease has high thermal conductivity so make it efficient for critical use. Thermal grease is manufactured from low volatile compounds.

Film Physical Appearance of ECOWAY Thermal Grease
Semi Solid

Key Benefits of ECOWAY Thermal Grease

  • ECOWAY thermal grease has excellent thermal conductivity,
  • Thermal Grease completely carries away the heat generated.
  • ECOWAY thermal grease has excellent adhesion even at high temperatures.
  • Excellent constant consistency at fluctuating high to low temperature cycles.
  • ECOWAY thermal does not dry or forms flakes
  • ECOWAY thermal grease is safe to skin

Applications & Use of Thermal Grease

Electronic Equipments- Thermal Grease draw heat way from semiconductors, IC or transistor, audio amplifier . Thermal grease prevents heating up of specific element.

How to use ECOWAY Thermal Grease

Thermal Grease is preferably used by spatula or by hand
Thermal Grease is not used for bearing lubrication

Commercial Packs of ECOWAY Thermal Grease: 5 Kg  ,20 Kg