Paint Guard


Product Code Paint Guard, Paint Protection: EPG-24

Introduction of paint Guard, paint protection
ECOWAY has designed heavy duty Paint Guard to protect the paint from scratch & abrasion. ECOWAY Paint Guard has excellent adhesion to the epoxy, polyurethane, enamels, marine paint, powder coating. ECS paint guard forms transparent tough flexible film on the painted surface. ECOWAY paint guard is not harmful to original paint & original paint is totally visible through film.

  • Physical Form of Paint Guard: Liquid prior to application
  • Drying time of paint guard: Paint guard will dry within maximum 1 hour at 30 oC
  • Coverage of Paint Guard: 40 Sq /Meter at 30 Micron DFT

Application of Paint Guard: Brush

Key Features of Paint Guard, paint protection

  • After use or application paint guard film can be easily removable
  • Paint guard offers paint surface protection in transits & store
  • Paint Guard films are non brittle & offers excellent tensile strength
  • Paint guard is solvent free

Use of Paint Guard

  • Protection of painted articles in transits
  • Protection of painted components, parts prior to assembly