Open Gear Grease

ECOWAY Open Gear Grease Product Code: ECOWAY #S450

ECOWAY Open Gear Grease Introduction

Heavy duty weather proof open gear grease for lubrication of open gears which are exposed to open atmosphere. ECOWAY open Gear grease has excellent resistance to humidity, moisture & water. Our Open Gear grease has excellent tackiness so it will adhere to the surface even in rain, open sunlight, sleet. It is manufactured from pure synthetic base stocks & specialty EP additives. ECOWAY open gear grease provides excellent wear & corrosion protection. Petroleum base ordinary lubricants attract atmospheric & plant deposits & become hard & increases drag on the gears. Synthetic open gear grease reduces start up drag. ECOWAY open gear grease offers extended re-lubrication intervals.

Key Features of ECOWAY Open Gear Grease

ECOWAY open gear lubricant has exceptional load carrying capacity so minimizes the wear & tears. ECOWAY open gear grease has excellent long term corrosion protection ability. Open gear grease manufactured by us has excellent water resistance. ECOWAY open gear grease does not harden or run away from the surface. ECOWAY Open Gear Grease has excellent tackiness so will not squeeze out easily.

  • ECOWAY open gear grease prevents pitting, scoring & clawing.
  • Prevents Squeeze-out
  • Reduces Start-up drag
  • ECOWAY open gear grease offers Extended Re-lubrication Intervals
  • Reduces wear & tear

ECOWAY Open Gear Grease Product Code: ECOWAY #S450

.Packing: ECOWAY Open Gear Grease 5 Kg, 20 Kg