Low Temperture Grease


Product Code Low Temperature Grease: ECOWAY #S460
Product Introduction
Specially designed synthetic oil base extreme low temperature grease which performs extremely well up to -70 0C. Low temperature Grease is formulated with high viscosity index base oils to work in fluctuating thermal cycles (-70 0C to 250 0C ).

Benefits of Extreme Low Temperature Grease
Low temperature grease does not freeze   at critical low temperatures. Even at critical low temperatures it does not loose its consistency. Our low temperature grease does not transform into cake for longer durations.  ECOWAY low temperature Grease offer wide temperature range from extreme low to medium high.  Our Low Temperature Grease offers extended Re-lubrication intervals. Our low temperature grease is recommended for cryogenic lubrication.

Application Low Temperature Grease

Low temperature applications including, bearings, couplings, hinge pins, journals, latches, lever operated mechanisms, Low temperature crease especially suitable for cold room conveyor equipments, freezer cart casters.

Product Code Low Temperature Grease: ECOWAY #S460
Packing: 20 Kg