Industrial Piping Cleaner


ECOWAY Industrial Piping Cleaner Introduction
ECOWAY has designed multi application products for industrial cleaning system; these are non corrosive, non hazardous cleaning systems. The product has excellent penetration & leaching powers so effectively extract the mass from the surface. The products are free from ODC & other hazardous chemicals. We ensure process safety & simplicity of application.
Types ECOWAY Industrial Piping Cleaner

  • For Organic Contamination & deposits
  • For inorganic Contamination & Deposits
  • For oil, fats, wax based contamination & deposits
  • Based on the application details & various parameters we select the product

Key Features of ECOWAY Industrial Piping Cleaner

  • Industrials Piping Cleaner is free from Hazardous Chemicals
  • Industrial Piping Cleaner has excellent chemical potency to work on deposits
  • Industrial piping cleaner does not create or leave odor after cleaning