Industrieal Hand Cleaner


Waterless Hand Cleaner Product Code: ECOWAY #D201
Introduction of waterless hand cleaner
Pleasant skin friendly yet heavy duty waterless hand cleaner. Effectively & quickly removes oil, grease, and grime from hands without using water, kerosene or any other soap. Non harmful to skin for long term use. Does not contain any solvents, caustic & alkalis. It is 100 % safe to use waterless hand cleaner for long term use.

Key Features of waterless hand cleaner

  • ECOWAY heavy duty Waterless Hand Cleaner does not require water to clean the hands.
  • ECODELAS waterless hand cleaner removes most stubborn dirt, grime, oil & soil.
  • ECOWAY waterless hand cleaner is free from caustic & solvent.
  • ECOWAY waterless hand cleaner is safe on skin for long terms use.
  • ECOWAY waterless hand cleaner does not generate foam while cleaning hands with water.

How to use Waterless Hand Cleaner
By using spatula take few product on hand; rub the hands on each other (Just as we do when washing hands) & wipe out with cotton cloth. Do not use with water, or mix with water. After wiping out one can wash with water if required.

Packing of Waterless Hand Cleaner: 20 Kg