Anti Rust


Product Code Anti Rust: ECOWAY #RC331

Description of Anti Rust
ECOWAY had designed multi application anti rust. ECOWAY anti rust is an oil base anti rust which offers excellent rust protection. ECOWAY anti rust is designed for both internal & external use.  These are soft film, solvent deposited, water displacing type, rust preventives.
This ECOWAY anti rust fluids can be applied directly to wet metal surfaces, ECOWAY Anti Rust displace moisture, water, leave the protective film on the surface. All ECOWAY Anti Rust fluids have excellent wetting, spreading power. ECOWAY Anti rust products can be applied either by dipping or by spraying.

Film Physical Appearance of ECOWAY Anti Rust
Oily (Greasy)
Class of ECOWAY Anti Rust
Medium to long term rust protection
 Applications & Use of Anti Rust

Machine tools and for tools for factory stores or shops. Suitable for camshafts,
crankshafts, circular saws, large gears, exposed sliding surfaces of lathe beds,

How to use ECOWAY Anti Rust

Preferably by immersion but where impractical the fluid may be applied by
brushing or spraying.

Protection offered by ECOWAY Anti Rust

Indoors - 6 months
Outdoors - 3 months

How to Remove ECOWAY Anti Rust Products
The ECOWAY anti rust films can be removed by wiping off with cotton cloth soaked in kerosene or by alkaline degreasers or solvent degreasing methods.

Commercial Packs of ECOWAY Anti Rust: 20 Liter 210 Liter