Anti-Corrosive Gel


Anti-Corrosive Gel: Product Code: ECOWAY #RC339
Introduction: Specially designed gel which prevents rusting, galling, corrosion of nut-bolts, studs, fasteners, threaded assemblies, fittings. It has excellent resistance for moisture, fumes & plant contamination. CORROGEL has excellent adhesion on all metals, plastic, & rubber. Anti corrosion gel prevents bi-metallic corrosion. Anti corrosion gel has excellent resistance to moisture , water, steam & chemical fumes. 

Key Features of ECOWAY Anti Corrosive Gel

  • Anti Corrosive Gel Non curing
  • Anti Corrosive Gel prevents bi metallic corrosion
  • ECOWAY anti corrosive gel has excellent oxidation resistance
  • Excellent mechanical & chemical stability
  • Performs underwater & underground 
  • ECOWAY anti corrosive gel has excellent bonding strength
  • Anti corrosive gel offers long-term heavy duty protection 
  • Anti Corrosive Gel is Non hazardous, Non flammable
  • safe to  skin
  • Excellent adhesion to all metallic & non metallic surfaces

Application & use of Anti Corrosive Gel

  • Protection of threaded connections
  • Corrosion, Rusting prevention of studs, bolts, hinges
  • Packing of Anti Corrosive Gel: 5 Kg